Trip Nuwara Eliya While Tours to Sri Lanka

I decided to go to Nuwara Eliya this time in my Sri Lanka Tours . Nuwara Eliya, otherwise known as “Little England,” is a quaint town located in Sri Lanka’s beautifully lush hill country. During the British Colonial Period, Nuwara Eliya was a favorite holiday retreat for the crème de Ia crème of British society on the island. They turned this town, with its ideal cool temperature and rich foliage, into a beautiful little town strongly reminiscent of England, from the architecture of the houses to the flowers that still peep out of every corner. To this day, Sri Lanka’s “Little England” remains almost completely untouched and you feel like you’ve skipped continents as you enter its city limits.

Nuwara Eliya’s tradition has remained unchanged as it is still known to be a retreat for the island’s elite. During its ‘season’ in April, the little town comes alive as Sri Lanka’s high society flocks there for the horse and motor races, grand dances and exclusive golf tournaments. Visiting one of the many tea factories perched high on the hills surrounding Nuwara Eliya is definitely a must. It is here that the best of Sri Lanka’s teas – the fragrant and delicately flavored “high grown” – flourish.

Nuwara Eliya’s Galway Bird Sanctuary is a 27 acre park where you can catch a glimpse of a great variety of rare and tropical birds, an unbeatable spot for nature-lovers. The Hakgala Botanical Gardens, Victoria Gardens and Horton Plains are also great places to visit if you want to take in Nuwara Eliya’s unique landscape and carefully maintained flower gardens. “World’s End” is another popular site in Nuwara Eliya . It is a terrifying precipice which drops vertically for about 1,000 feet (328 meters) and falls away almost as steeply for another 4,000 feet (1,312 meters). If you are already in your Sri Lanka holidays I recommend these places for you.

Wonderful Sri Lanka Tours to Hikkaduwa

This is a place you must visit if you are in down south and on a Sri Lanka Holidays . Located 98 km south of Colombo, Hikkaduwa is one of the most popular beach resorts of Sri Lanka. Sri Lanka’s only marine sanctuary is located here. It is an ideal place for nature lovers with its abundant corals and tropical fishes. Hikkaduwa has something to offer to everyone-coral for snorkellers, waves for surfers and white pristine beaches for those who want to relax and enjoy Sun and sand. Coral Sanctuary The large shallow body of water is enclosed by a reef, decorated with layers of multi colored corals it is home to countless number of colorful coral fish, lobsters, large turtles and microscopic marine creatures. Approximately 200 m away from the beach there is a collection of tiny islets that are surrounded by beautiful coral formations. The four different shipwrecks waiting to be explored are a treat for the diving enthusiasts. The corals are located only 4 m below water, therefore can be easily accessed by novice divers; however if diving is too adventurous visitors could take a trip on a glass bottomed boat to enjoy the beauty of the coral sanctuary. This is a wonderful experience you can have while on your Sri Lanka Tours .

Precious Stone Found in Sri Lanka Holidays

 In the beginning of my Sri Lanka Holidays , have I told you about the sapphires from down south of Sri Lanka? I guess not. In Sri Lanka down south area is very beautiful consisted with exotic beaches and the area is infested with tourists. There are some minor mining operations going on near Matara. When I was in Sri Lanka I couldn’t visit those sites. But I’m pretty sure one of my blue sapphire rings are from Matara region. The reason for this is that Sapphires from a region close to Matara are typically of a deep dark blue color almost black and are glossy textured. These have earned the name ‘Matara Sapphire’. It is well known that certain sapphires when subject to heat lose their color. In still others heat could spread out the color within the stone. Great skill and care is necessary in conducting such heating operations. Not many mining operations are done in this area. People in this area sustains from small house businesses and fishing.

There are two major sapphire dealers in Matara area. They are Mr. Gunadasa & Mr. Ariyapala. I never got to meet either one of them. But I’m so glad that I bought a sapphire ring consisted with a blue sapphire from Matara. I bought it from my visit to Beruwala sapphire market with tisa. Beruwala is near to down south area of Sri Lanka. I’m very a happy about the sapphires I bought all together because they are the most precious stones I found in my Sri Lanka Holidays .

Moving Down to Matara

Matara is a city in the down south where lot of important places to visit if you are in a Sri Lanka Tour . First of all since my last journey I didn’t plan on going anywhere but the beach. So I decided to go out again to have fun In the coastal area. This Time I decided to visit Matara the city of my desire. I personally liked Matara because it has nice beaches and surroundings. I like the Polhena beach because it is the best place to relax and have a nice swimming in the ocean.

Sea foods in the Matara area are amazing. Especially the fishes are delicious and I would say the best plate I ever had was Talapath fish. It was an amazing dish I still remember the taste. The cuttlefish fish was even better with rice and some other curries specially made in Matara Area. The most amazing desert I ever had in Matara was the Curd. I loved eating curd, because it was really tasty and fresh. I packed few for my journey ahead as well. However I decided to have all my meals in the hotel as eating from some of the boutiques can be dangerous. I have heard stories of foreigners who got food poisoning in India before coming to Sri Lanka thru some of my friends.

The cultural values in Matara area were amazing. I got to watch some traditional dancing and Perehara event in Matara. It was an amazing experience for me as I have never seen such stuff in my own country. Perahara was the most interesting thing I saw in Matara where lots of traditional items were presented on the road. There were elephants carrying holy crest and some fire dancers were playing on the road as well. I was staring at acrobatic dancers as well they were amazing. I went back to my hotel planning to more in to the down south further to a wonderful Sri Lanka holidays.      

Galle Fort

It was another important day in my Sri Lanka Holidays , to save time and money I decided to take the highway to down south. I really did not know what I was missing. Later on I got to know that there are many places to visit ion the coastal belt in Sri Lanka little areas along the way. The normal road is called as Galle Road, because it is the direct way to the Galle. I did not want to go by the Galle road because of all the traffic and other concerns. Anyway after a one hour of hectic long drive we came to the entrance of highway is Kottawa. After entering the highway I was sightseeing around until we reached Galle in 45 minutes. That wasn’t so bad.

After entering the city we experienced a little bit of traffic. Then I straightly went to the hotel I pre-booked in to. It’s a very beautiful place in Galle Fort called Mango Hut. I was so excited to visit there as I have seen the pictures in the internet prior to coming here. After unloading and unpacking I decided to have lunch. Again I was fortunate enough to have a wonderful spicy Sri Lankan meal. It was non-other than favorite steamed rice and some delicious Sri Lanka dishes. After having lunch I felt very sleepy. It was something new to me after coming to Sri Lanka. It was the weather I guess.

I woke up at tea time here in Sri Lanka and started walking towards the Galle fort. It was a very beautiful area with a wonderful beach. This area was considered as one of the historical places in Sri Lanka. When Sri Lanka was under British domination this was an important point in Sri Lanka. I walked through the stone wall in the fort. It was almost the sunset and the sight was amazing. I stared at the beach for the while when some street merchandisers approached me. I decided to go back to my room in Mango Hut ending another day in my Sri Lanka Holidays .

Leaving Kandy : Sacred Tooth Relic

My next mission was to visit down south. The south province of Sri Lanka is known as down south. In down south there are major cities like Matara, Galle, Tangalle, Ambalangoda, Hikkaduwa. My tour operator had planned everything before so I did not have to worry about my Sri Lanka Holidays . However I wanted to visit temple of tooth relic in Kandy. It was not so far from where I stayed. After packing up my things I took a tuk tuk or a three wheeler to the temple.

At the entrance I was heavily checked by armed forces. I was bit shocked why there was so much guard in a sacred places. Later my guide told me that there had been an attack on this temple by a terrorist group called LTTE. After the incident the guard to this scared place has been tightened. Before I entered the temple I removed my shoes and I kept my hand bag in a locker. It was a very beautiful temple. The surroundings were well maintained and the Pagoda’s were different from what I’ve already seen. I entered the main chamber of the temple. The sacred tooth relic was lying there with lots of protection. By the help of my guide I was able to go near it. I saw the relic with my own eyes. It was amazing; I paid my respect to the relic and went out for a sight seen around the temple. I also had the chance to visit the museum as well. I saw a huge model of a filled elephant in the museum, happened to be the tooth relic carrying elephant in the Perahara event. I took some photos from my camera and went back to see Kandy Lake. Kandy Lake was beautiful and charming. I walked around the lake and enjoyed the atmosphere. Then I returned to the hotel to leave down south for another adventure in my Sri Lanka Holidays .